International Kicksled and Scooter Association

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In able to professionalize scooter / footbike sport worldwide and to let it grow we want to get a step further now with IKSA and professionalize it. This also in order to give more support to national organisations or forums and events (world wide). So not only Europe.

And because of that we first wanne start with offering banner space to advertisers on (The website can also be reached under and

We want use simuler banner size as the example on the right. (Maximum 100 kb)

Placing banner with link will cost
195,- euro per year.
120,- euro per 6 months

and the banners will be placed in vertical random order on the right side of the website. No VAT (Tax) is involved, because IKSA considers it as sponsoring.

The money will be directly invested in IKSA, and in promoting sport.
If your comany is interested in placing a banner, then let us know. Our webmaster(s) will make a banner. Design costs of the banner are free of charge


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