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Eurocup competition calendar 2015
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Participants collect points by taking part in the 2015 eurocup events in which in total 6 individual rankings can be scored.
For each finish a rider get points according finish ranking. After the last EC race of the season all points wil be gathered and the 1 lowest ranked races (or not raced) are taken out of your total end score. Click here for the rules about IKSA eurocup point system

Make sure in relays that you use an exhisting team name because that way you gather more points. Because also the individual races are now part of team comptetition since start of 2015.

New events which can be added are always welcome!
If you want to tribute your race to Eurocup. Mail us the date and info before January 1th. (
The Eurocup planning committee decides which of the events are in eurocup or not.