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Welcome to IKSA website - the world organisation for footbike (= scooter) and kicksled sport. If you kick let us know! We invite you to take part in the exciting kicksled and footbike events. Each year more and more participants from various nations join us. See you at start line !

Take part and compete (also if you life outside Europe). Europe is still the only continent with an official continental footbike competition. Next to that als footbike race take part in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Sport is growing, so keep us updated if you see or organise a footbike (or kicksled) race in your region or country around the world.

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Entries Footbike World Championship 2016 will open 30th January and will close on the 30th May. It is wise to book you flight early as possible.

Race results eurocup Netherlands 2015 >

Footbike World Championships:

We thank all helpers, sponsors & athletes in the
We congratulate all world champions!

Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 - criterium
Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 - Fri.footbike for fun
Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 -sprint qualification
Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 -sprint heats

Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 - Sa. footbike for fun
Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 - endurance race

Tour de France on a footbike:


IKSA promo event in 2013:

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- Footbike IKSA eurocup 2016
Dates will follow soon

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Results Footbike CROSS EU in Germany
WC footbike 2014 website online
Flamish Footbike Assoc. has website
Personal Tour de France blog: Alpo
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Current IKSA Footbike World ranking (updated: Oct, 2014)
IKSA Eurocup classement 2014 (updated: Oct, 2014)

Race results:
IKSA eurocup Netherlands 2015 >

Footbike CROSS European Championships 2014
Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 - criterium
Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 - sprint qualification
Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 - sprint heats
Footbike WC Pilzen 2014 - endurance race

IKSA eurocup Germany 2014 >
IKSA eurocup Finland 2014 >
IKSA eurocup Netherlands 2014 >

EC criterium + IKSA eurocup Denmark 2013 >
Result lists EC time trial & relay + IKSA eurocup Germany 2013 >
Result lists EC sprint + IKSA eurocup Netherlands 2013 >
Result lists EC endurance + IKSA eurocup France 2013 >
More race results >

All photos of all events >

Footbike Eurocup Helsinki (FIN) | AndreasB
Footbike Eurocup Helsinki (FIN) | Markku

Footbike Eurocup Kampen criterium W (NED)
| Bernd
Footbike Eurocup Kampen criterium M (NED) | Bernd
Footbike Eurocup Flevonice 42 km W (NED) | Bernd
Footbike Eurocup Flevonice 42 km M (NED) | Bernd
Footbike Eurocup Kampen - Flevonice (NED) | Highlevel

Criterium men World Championships 2014 - (CZ)
Criterium men Kampen eurocup 2014 - (NED)
Criterium women Kampen eurocup 2014 - (NED)
Relay women Kampen eurocup 2014 - (NED)

GanlÝse marathon eurocup 2013 - (DEN)
GanlÝse marathon eurocup 2013 relay - (DEN)
Gutebog EU relay & eurocup 2013 - (GER)
Gutebog IKSA eurocup Marathon 2013 - (GER)
Oldenzaal IKSA eurocup Marathon men 2013 - (NED)
Oldenzaal IKSA eurocup Marathon youth & women 2013 - (NED)
Losser IKSA eurocup Team pursuit 2013 - (NED)
Losser IKSA eurocup EU sprint Semi & finals 2013 - (NED)
Losser IKSA eurocup EU sprint Qualifications 2013 - (NED)
Dutch Cup race Nedereindse berg 2013 - (NED)

Promo 2 -2013 Footbike tour de France (FRA)
Promo 1- 2013 Footbike tour de France (FRA)

WC criterium 2012 by Jens > (GER)
WC sprint filmed by Maxime > (GER)
Broadcasting about WC in German on Saarland TV >
IKSA eurocup Lyon 2012, day 1 (FRA)
IKSA eurocup Lyon 2012, by Ultima Klap (FRA)
EC 2011, day 1 sprint (NED)

EC 2011, day 2 criterium (NED)

More EC footbike videos visit EC media page
Runyan Hill Footbike Relay 2011, June21 (USA)
Video of Gutersloh Derny race June 10, 2011 (GER)
Video of Lyon Eurocup trip of Dutch team 2011 (FRA)
More video >

Photos/videos at the IKSA Facebook group

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